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Digital Archive Update

Historical newsletters from days past now availabe for download.

BERNARDS TWP. – Once left in two spiral bound notebooks in the archives of the Historical Society of the Somerset Hills, two volumes of the historicial society's past are now available for download. Travel back in time to 1957 thru 1976.

Learn about the area, the people, and the discussions of the times between 1957 thru to 1976.

Digital Archives - Newsletters Vol 1


Click Here to Download
(39 pages - 1.09mb file size)

Old Historical Society Newsletters Volume 2

1957 - 1969

Click Here to Download
(26 pages - 1.23mb file size)



Exerpts that can't be missed

September 1957

The drought of 1957

May , 1958

Dear Fellow Member:
We have been fortunate for our May meeting to have found a
person who has a "reflectoscope" which permits photographs and other
memorabilia to be enlarged on a screen.

We are further fortunate that the owner, Miss Naud Van Arsdale (she Will be with us) is an old time
resident of our area who can tell and show what things were like when city folk esteemed it a great privilege to spend a vacation or a sea_
son on or near the "bQsking'" ridge. Some of our members, too, who have
spend a vacation or a season on or near the "basking" ridge.



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