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How do I?

A list of common questions, answers, and suggestions about how The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills can help.

How do I....


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  • ... know what is in the archives of THSSH?
    • Information will be posted shortly.

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  • ... find information about the history of my home?

    The State of New Jersey has put together a great booklet for you to get started with your research.

    Download NowClick Here
    (We also have hard copies of this at the THSSH)

    Don't forget there is a wealth of information all around us.

    • THSSH
    • Local Libraries
    • Local Tax Offices
    • County Tax Offices (Somerville)
    • State Offices
    • Title Searchers

    ...more information

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  • ... find out if my relatives lived in the area?
    • Genealogy is one of THSSH's most requested areas of interest. While THSSH has limited space to store family historical information, we do have the ability to help you get started on your search.
    • In partnership with the Bernards Township Library, there is a dedicated group that can assist with your research requests. There is also a tremendous amount of information at the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church records in Basking Ridge.

    Click Here to learn more....

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  • ... get someone from the Historical Society to help with my research?
    • Information will be posted shortly.


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  • ... set up an appointment to visit the historical society's research library?
    • Sometimes it can be difficult to get to the museum or the research library during the normal operating hours. If this is your situation, we're always glad to work with you to coordinate a visit by appointment. You can either send an email requestClick Here to send an emailClick Here to request more information, use our online email form, or visit the contact us section and contact any of our trustees.

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  • ... get copies of articles and photographs for my personal use?
    • Our Research Library is a great place to explore the history of the Somerset Hills, or look thru many of the books and archives. If you're a member of THSSH you are given copy credit that entitles you to a number of copies free of charge while visiting the Society. There is a copy machine onsite in the library. You should try to have exact change, or small bills since the volunteer might not be able to make change. There are also a number of pre-made replica copy pieces that are already available and for sale at nominal prices. Maps, photos, gift tags etc. are all available in the museum. Copies are normally letter, legal, and we do have a larger paper size as well. You will need to visit the Research Library in order to obtain your copies.

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  • ... join The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills?
    • Joining the Historical Society is easy. The hard part is deciding which membership is best for you. The process and membership forms are available online. You will need to complete the form, print it, and send it to us manually since we have not yet activated a credit card processing system. Also consider giving a gift membership as well. Click Here for all the details.

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  • ... reserve a seat for one of your speaking engagements?
    • While we'd love to reserve seats for the Speaker Series, we are limited in the number of spaces we have (normally 75). While the speakers normally begin around 7:30, we'd strongly advise that you arrive at the Brick Academy early. Parking just outside the Brick Academy is very limited, so should anticipate parking in the surrounding area and will have to have a short walk to the academy. The speaker normally will discuss their topic for about an hour, and then open for a Q & A session. Drinks and snacks are normally served at the conclusion of the Q & A session.

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  • ... donate some of my personal items to the Historical Society?
    • Information will be posted shortly.

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  • ... get permission to use materials from THSSH?
    • Information will be posted shortly.

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  • ... learn more about how to participate with a particular project or committee?
    • There is a complete section on this website highlighting each of the committees that are part of the Historical Society. Most committees meet on a regular basis and you're not limited to the amount of committees you can volunteer on. In fact most of our members and volunteers belong to multiple committees. It's the lifeblood to this great organization. If you'd like to learn more about our committees, please click here.

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  • ... change my membership information?
    • Very easy. Just send an email to us directly and we'll make the appropriate changes. Just click here and send us your new information.

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  • ... renew my membership?
    • Renewing your membership is easy. You will receive a reminder about your expiring membership as your membership expires. Normally information is made available in our quarterly newsletter Inside the Brick Academy. You can also send an email directly to the membership committee, or contact the Membership Committee Chairperson by clicking on the Contact Us Link.

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  • ... give a gift membership?
    • A great idea for birthdays, holidays, or friends just moving to the area. Giving the gift of a membership to The Historical Society is easy. Just click here, download and complete the form, select a membership type, and mail it to us. We'll take care of the rest.

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  • ... purchase items from THSSH museum store?
    • While we are working on establishing an online store, the only way to purchase items is by visiting us at the Brick Academy in Bernards Township. In addition, we try to have items displayed at many of our sponsored events as well.

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