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Penny Postcard Slideshow volume 1

Images taken from the Historical Society of the Somerset Hills Penny Postcard Collection from the turn of the Century (early 1900's) Bernardsville History, Gladstone History, Peapack History, Bernards History.

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Postcard Series:
Upton Pyne Estate - Bernardsville
John Dryden's Stronghold Estate - Bernardsville
Hulshizer House - Bernardsville
Bernardsville Mill - Bernardsville
Catholic Church & Rectory - Bernardsville
Fire House - Bernardsville
RD Graham's Residence - Bernardsville
Lindabury Park - Bernardsville
Bernards Inn - Bernardsville
Olcott Square - Bernardsville
Somerset Inn - Bernardsville
Somerset Inn - Bernardsville
Kuser Estate - Bernardsville
JA Stursburg Estate - Bernardsville
Arial Photo - Bernardsville
Bunns Lake - Bernardsville
Free Library - Bernardsville
Olcott School - Bernardsville
Pony Express - Peapack
Maple Cottage - Peapack

Postcard Series: (cont)
Natarir Bridge - Pepack
Blairsden Garage - Peapack
Peapack Cottage
Ravine Falls - Peapack
Blairsden Fountains - Peapack
Blairsden Pump Station - Peapack
Tea House Blairsden - Peapack
Hillandale Entrance - Gladstone
Main Street - Gladstone
Mosley Estate View - Gladstone
Blairsden - Peapack
Old Stone House - Bedminster
Allens Auditorium - Gladstone
Train Station - Gladstone
Mosley Estate - Gladstone
Liberty Park - Glastone
Mosley Estate - Gladstone
From the West - Gladstone
Allen's Dept Store - Gladstone


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